Frequently asked questions

Which containers can be cleaned?

VCS specialises in cleaning smaller bins, green or VGF bins, wheelie bins, large waste containers and pallet boxes of companies and private individuals. We clean containers ranging from 40 litres up to 1200 litres.

When do you start cleaning?

After registering by phone, in writing or online, you will receive an e-mail confirming your subscription. That is also the start of your 14-day reflection period.

Depending on the waste calendar of your municipality, it may take two to three weeks before the first cleaning session takes place.

Why does VCS need my details such as e-mail address and telephone number?

We will inform you of any changes via e-mail. Announcements about cleaning days and routes are also regularly published on our website. All your data will be treated confidentially!

When should I pay?

You can choose: pay easily and safely online via the VCS website or within 3 to 4 weeks after your registration. This can be done by credit card or by bank transfer.

How will you know when my dustbin needs cleaning?

The driver will paste a sticker on the lid of your container when it is first cleaned. This sticker is placed on top of the bin (please clean this surface well first!) and serves as a reference for our drivers. So be careful to never remove this sticker.

How often and when do you clean my waste bin or container?

We pass by every 4 weeks, on the same day that your container is emptied by your waste collection service. You will receive an e-mail from us the day before each cleaning session with a friendly reminder to take out your container. If you have a package of 6 cleaning sessions, we will stop by every 4 or 8 weeks.

Is the cleaning eco-friendly?

Yes. We clean your container with hot, clean water under high pressure. The water has a temperature of 70 degrees, which also kills all bacteria. This process is 100% environmentally friendly.

Do weather conditions affect cleaning?

Certainly. We cannot and are not allowed to clean in freezing weather for safety reasons. Freezing (leaky) water can cause slippery pavements and ice patches on the street. Moreover, the government does not allow us to use water on the road when the temperature is around the freezing point.

Do you also clean the outside?

Yes. We clean the container completely, inside and out. So you always have a completely clean and fresh waste container.

Is my waste container also disinfected?

Yes, we clean your container with hot water at 70 degrees. This kills all bacteria.

Why is a one-off cleaning session so much more expensive than a subscription?

The first cleaning session requires more energy and takes longer than follow-up cleaning sessions, especially when a container is very dirty and has not been cleaned for a long time.

What should I do if my container was not cleaned?

There could be several reasons behind this:

  • The container is not due for cleaning. We stop by every 4 weeks;
  • The container was not (completely) emptied by the waste collection service;
  • The container was not outside, or not within our reach;
  • The container was extremely dirty.

If it’s not clear why your container has not been cleaned, please report this immediately to our customer service (toll-free number: 0800 64 666). Once we have received your report, we will investigate the situation to propose an appropriate solution.

How do I report a problem?

You can report problems and comments via our comments form on the website or via our toll-free number 0800 64 666.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the agreement in the same way you signed up. Did you enter into the agreement in writing? Then you must also cancel it in writing (by e-mail or letter).

If you signed up in another way (e.g. by phone or electronically), you can terminate the agreement in exactly the same way (by phone or electronically).

See the different methods here:

By letter

VCS bv
Seringenstraat 19
2340 Beerse

By telephone

0800 64 666
On working days from 09:00 to 13:00


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