Do you want a fresh and hygienic bin without unpleasant smells? VCS comes to your home! We clean and disinfect your dustbin on site in an eco-friendly way.

Starting at €7,9 per cleaning.

Do you always want hygienic waste bins that don’t smell bad? VCS thoroughly cleans and disinfects your company’s bins, waste containers and/or box pallets at a competitive price!

Starting at €14 per cleaning.

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VCS: cleans and disinfects your waste container on site!

VCS cleans and disinfects waste containers of companies and private individuals in an eco-friendly and organic way, at an affordable price! That way, you always have a fresh and clean container.

VCS participates in the trade fair Facility & Building Management

Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwenbeheer
You are welcome to visit the VCS PCC booth during the Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer fair in Utrecht. Admission is free. You can register in advance. This ensures a good flow at the entrance.


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