About us

Your specialist in cleaning waste containers on site

Even if you empty your bins and containers regularly, dirt left behind often causes unpleasant odours and poor hygiene.

VCS cleans and disinfects private and commercial waste containers in an eco-friendly and biological way.

We clean your smaller bins, bins for organic waste, recycling containers, large waste containers and box pallets at an affordable price, so you always have a fresh and hygienic container!

Your benefits at VCS:

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of waste containers on site

Container sizes ranging from 40 to 1200 litres

Eco-friendly and biological cleaning methods

Clean on both the inside and outside

Affordable prices

One-off assignments or packages

We come on site!

VCS makes cleaning your waste container very easy. Our truck with built-in washing installation comes to you on location. After a few minutes, you get a hygienic and fresh container back!

Contact us for a tailor-made quotation on +32 14 74 53 10 or via e-mail at info@vlaamsecontainerservice.be. We are happy to help you!


Private individuals

Do you want a fresh and hygienic bin without unpleasant smells? VCS comes to your home! We clean and disinfect your dustbin on site in an eco-friendly way.



Do you always want hygienic waste bins that don’t smell bad? VCS thoroughly cleans and disinfects your company’s bins, waste containers and/or box pallets at a competitive price!

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