Container 40/60/120/240 litres – 10 cleaning sessions


Rate 89 Euro VAT incl. If you would like a package for 10 cleaning sessions, you can order using the green button below.

Please note: call toll-free 0800 64 666 to find out if we already come to your area. We serve nearly the entire IOK and IGEAN area! We also travel outside the Kempen for companies.

Fill in your details and choose the payment method that is easiest for you. After receiving our confirmation, you are still entitled to a 14-day reflection period!

This cleaning formula is only available to private individuals.

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Package cleaning Container 40/60/120/240 litres
89 Euro incl. VAT – 10 cleaning sessions

If you choose 10 cleaning sessions, we will visit every 4 weeks.

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